Your Factoring and Credit insurance solutions

Since 2007, Globalia Conseil, a brokerage firm specialising in factoring and credit insurance, has offered you solutions for financing and managing your accounts receivable, enabling you to grow your business with confidence. From the creation of your company, until a potential transfer, through the various stages of its development in France and internationally, Globalia Conseil supports you, whatever the size of your company. We work alongside you as a genuine partner, addressing your specific concerns:
  • Speeding up the financing of your commercial invoices to reduce your payment delays and provide access to an additional and immediate source of cash
  • Being acquainted with the financial health of your prospective customers and the risks of insolvency of your customers
  • Managing customer risks and guaranteeing you against your debtors' unpaid debts and defaults on the domestic and exports markets
  • Outsourcing management of your customer accounts: follow-up, recovery, collection, disputes relating to your accounts receivable and simplifying your day-to-day organisation
  • Financing your international development
  • Optimising or reducing your WCR - Working Capital Requirements or Working Capital
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  • Factoring

The immediate financing of your invoices in France and internationally! A short-term financing solution, factoring enables you to meet your cash-flow needs by assigning your commercial invoices to a specialist company, the factor, which in return provides you, within 24 or 48 hours, with financing for your claims and a payment guarantee in the event of unpaid invoices or financial default by your customers. If you wish, it can also assume responsibility for follow-up, recovery and any other accounts receivable management operations. Learn more about factoring

  • Credit insurance

Insurance that protects you against your unpaid customer debts! Whether your activity is carried out in France or abroad, credit insurance protects you against the risks of non-payment of your customer invoices, which can slow down your activity considerably and so jeopardise your company. Credit insurance includes information services on the financial health and solvency of your customers and prospective customers, in addition to recovery of and compensation for your outstanding receivables. It enables you to extend your activities to new sectors or foreign markets with confidence and to focus on your business relationships and your development while reassuring your financial partners. Learn more about credit insurance