Payment delays in China : longer delays

The results of the China payment survey 2019, conducted by Coface with 1,500 Chinese companies, confirm deteriorated payment behavior. Slower economic growth, tight liquidity and increased competition are the main reasons mentioned by companies. A slowdown in economic activity While 2018 proved to be a slightly more challenging year for China with growth slowing to […]


The new Coface barometer sector risks in the world

In the context of low world growth (2,6% GDP forecast for 2015 vs 2,7% for 2014), the last barometer sector risks of The Coface, edited in october, analyses five major sectors – energy, automotive, metals, paper-wood and information and communication technologies (ICT) – in the three zones surveyed – North America, emerging Asia and Western […]

What impact of the Chinese stock market crunch ?

Even if the turmoil is now quieting, at least for the Chinese stock market fall and Global stock markets which have initially followed the Chinese economy in late august, it was quite visible that the downside risks of the Chinese economy has created uncertainties and volatility in the markets. In mid-june, the Shangai stock market […]

French Road Goods Transport (RGT): between economic difficulties and structural problems…

In this Panorama, you will find the Coface barometer which reviews French insolvencies in 2013. With 63 452 insolvencies (+5.3% compared to 2012), we have reached the 2009 record level, as 63 204 businesses failed at the peak of the crisis. The financial cost of these insolvencies (4.82 billion euros) also exceeds the 2009 level […]

Country report : India

Economic growth in 2014 is expected to be 5.7%. But India still uncertain with problems of inflation and the risk of currency volatility. More no reform is expected before the next elections in 2014. Atradius Country Report : India

Slowdown of Brazil

Atradius analysis Brazil in its latest report “country.” The summary might be this: – 2.6% growth in 2014 (below expectations) – The public debt ratio will increase because of major projects, – But the country’s solvency remains stable. Atradius Country Report – Brazil November 2013

Economic Outlook November 2013

The focus since the last Economic Outlook has shifted away from the Eurozone, where the crisis is abating as modest growth will end two years of contraction. Now attention has turned to the USA, where the Federal Reserve’s announcement of a ‘tapering’ of US expansionary monetary policy sent shockwaves through the global financial system and […]

Coface Quarterly "Panorama Sectors"

Coface downgrades its credit risk assessment in three business sectors: chemicals, pharmaceuticals and automotive Chemicals, pharmaceuticals and automotive: increased credit risks in Europe The unique indicator (*), developed by Coface economists and based on the payment experience of companies recorded by its underwriters, sends an alarm signal to three of the fourteen business sectors analysed. […]